Best Laptop Bags and Backpacks 2016

So, you’ve bought yourself a new laptop, and you want to keep it new as long as possible. The best way to do so is to buy a laptop backpack, or a laptop bag. The good part about these bags is that they help you carry your laptop around, and it also protects it from scratches and cracks, keeping it more better looking, in case you want to resell it or something.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly 13-Inch to 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack Adaptable Compartment

There are all kinds of laptop bags: laptop bags for men and women, leather laptop bags, designer laptop bags and so on. Another nice touch is the size; depending on the size of your computer, you can find a great notebook bag that suits it: 18 inch laptop briefcase, 17 inch laptop case, 10 inch laptop sleeve and so on. Over here you will find the best backpacks for laptops, and the best laptop bags; besides, you will also find great laptop bags reviews, so you will now exactly what you are going to buy.

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Luggage Laptop Backpack

Buying A Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bag Buyer’s Guide

You must be careful when buying a laptop backpack. Most of the times, the price reflects the reality, so if you have the possibility you should go for a more expensive one, like the leather laptop bag. Another essential factor is the size. You must take the exact size for your laptop, so it won’t shake when moving it around. If you have an 18 inch laptop, then you must get an 18 inch laptop case; the same goes for the 17 inch laptop backpack, the 19 inch laptop briefcase and so on.

Ogio Backpacks for Laptops

Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

Best 18 inch Laptop Bags

Case Logic 18-Inch Laptop Case

18 inch laptop bags are the most frequently used, because they can be used for 18 inch and lower laptops, which are more common. In addition to the laptop compartment, these notebook bags also provide other places where you can place your charger, books, or other stuff like that therefore the 18 inch laptop bag is a great way for you to be organized.

Vintage Collection Laptop Messenger Bags

Man’s Black Crocodile Leather Business Portfolio Briefcase

Best Small Laptop Backpacks

Belkin Notebook Backpacks

For those who own a small laptop, the solution is a small laptop backpack. The best small backpack is in stock at a really great price. It’s suited for up to 15.4 inch laptops, and it has several pockets for you to place other necessary stuff. Besides, these slim backpacks have really stylish color combinations, which will keep all eyes on your for sure. On the shoulder strap you will also find a cell phone pocket, which is really handy. This small backpack is a great tool for keeping your computer laptop safe.

Case Logic MacBook Pro Backpack

McKlein USA Leather Computer Backpacks

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpacks

18-inch Laptop Backpacks with Gaming Console Sleeve

The Everky Beacon laptop backpack is also a great buy, because it provides a soft padded laptop compartment, to keep your laptop computer safe. Just like the 18 inch laptop bag, it’s suited only for up to 18 inch laptops. There is also a gaming console sleeve included, so you can also take your Xbox, PS3 or any other console with you. I don’t know if this is the best backpack for notebooks, but it truly provides a great quality per price ratio.

Case Logic 16-Inch Laptop Backpacks

Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly Backpack for Laptops

Best Travel Laptop Backpack 2016

Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack for Laptops


If you are that kind that travels a lot, then the travel laptop backpack is the right thing for you. This notebook backpack is made out of a more durable material, and it has a lot more space for other stuff except the notebook itself. Speaking of, it fits up to 16 inch laptops. This backpack has a mobile phone pocket, two water bottle holders and other multiple accessory pockets, which are really useful.

Samsonite Luggage Mansfield Backpacks

Samsonite Leverage Backpacks

Everki Advance Laptop Bag – Briefcase

Best Bags for Laptops


If you’re not into laptop backpacks, and you are looking for the best laptop bag, you can take a look at the Everki Advance bag – briefcase. It comes in different sizes: 18.4 inch, 16 inch and 10.2 inch, in order to keep your computer laptop safe, whatever size is has. This bag is suited both for men and women, but in my opinion, it seems more like a guy’s thing.


Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Computer Case

Best Large Laptop Backpacks 2016

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpacks


We’ve talked about the small backpacks, not let’s talk about the best large backpack. If you have a 17 inch laptop, then this one is suited for you. It’s also good for smaller laptops, thanks to the laptop straps inside it which keeps it still. The multi-panel airflow design is great for your back, providing a high level of comfort and support. It has lots of extra pockets, where you can keep your charger, mouse or other stuff like it.

Pelican Black Elite Storage Backpack

Backpack with Sunglasses Holder and Audio Interface

Cheapest Laptop Backpack 2016

Targus Notebook Backpack

You can also have the cheapest backpack. Don’t let the price fool you, this notebook backpack is really well built and it’s also stylish. It fits up to 16 inch laptops, and it provides multiple accessory compartments for your laptop, books and additional things. This cheap notebook backpack also has adjustable shoulder straps, which can be customized to provide the best comfort and support. Shoulder straps feature an adjustable design to provide customizable comfort.

Tamrac Computer Messenger Bag

Vintage 15″ Laptop Backpack

Everki Commute 18.4-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Best Laptop Sleeve 2016

If you don’t want something that spacious, then the Everki Commute 18.4-Inch laptop sleeve is everything you need. It fits up to 18.4 inch laptops, and it doesn’t have a lot of storage space, except for the laptop compartment and another pocket where you can keep your phone, headphones, power adapter or some documents. The best part is that it has an advanced memory foam padding, which keeps your laptop safe, protected against bumps.

Toshiba 18-Inch Laptop Cases

Best Laptop Bags

The Toshiba 18-Inch Metropolitan Case for laptop is a great compromise between looks and usability. It’s a great notebook bag, mainly because it’s made out of durable, yet lightweight Ballistic Polyester, which will definitely keep your laptop safe. It fits up to 18.4 inch laptops and it has a lot of compartments, so you can take all the necessary stuff when you have to go to a meeting, or when you’re just heading to work. Heavy duty padded adjustable non-slip shoulder strap.