Top 10 Best iPad Air 2 Cases 2015

Gumdrop Cases for iPad Air


Whether you are one of the lucky persons owning already an iPad Air 2 or you are planning to purchase one in the near future, you came across the right article. In this place you will find information about the best covers to consider for keeping it like new as long as possible. Here is a review about best beat maker for beginners.


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Aluminium Folio Bluetooth Keyboard Protective Case for Ipad Air 2


The materials which offer the best protection, the colors and prints you can choose from, the types of covers available, accessories to use for a more comfortable access to its apps, ideas to customize your precious gadget and to enhance your iPad experience without compromising its safety.

Ultra-Slim Folio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2


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iPad Air Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Cover with Stand for iPad Air 2


The Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air 2 is perhaps the most inventive way to have your tablet protected and just like new. It is ideal for those who like watching movies because the keyboard works through Bluetooth connection so you can take it with you in bed, and it has a built in stand to hold the screen as you like.


Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air 2


iPad Air OtterBox Defender Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case for Ipad Air 2


If you want something of high quality, durable, lightweight, extremely resistant, protective for both the screen and the case of the tablet then go for the iPad Air 2 OtterBox Defender. It has a design which feels very natural to the hands and it is made from a robust polycarbonate which absorbs the shocks successfully and lengthens the life of your iPad considerably.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Air


iPad Air Silicone Case

Silicone Jelly Skin Fit Case Cover for iPad Air 2


The iPad Air 2 Silicone Case can be found in all the rainbows colors: pink, blue, purple, green and so on. The best thing about this case is the material with a jelly composition it is made from because it doesn’t allow any grips from your hands or other fine and flat surfaces and it has anti-dust proprieties to keep it shiny.


Protective Silicone Case for Apple iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 Screen Protector Cover


As scratches, dust and smudges can limit your iPad experience, you should always use a Screen Protector Cover. This is especially designed to fit the iPad’s screen dimensions; it comes together with a cleaning cloth, it is easy to apply and most importantly the touch screen works as well as without the screen protector.

Urban Armor Gear Case for iPad Air

iPad Air 2 Protective Hybrid Case with Built-In Screen Protector

iPad Air 2 Hard Cases

iPad Air Full-Body Protection KickStand Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Kids Friendly


Available on black and white, the Hard Cases for iPad Air 2 are known to be indestructible. They are made from a dual polycarbonate to resist to frequent drops and designed with a special screen shield to eliminate the danger of scratches while keeping the charm of the iPad (which is the beauty of the resolution) uncompromised.


Wireless Bluetooth Smart Keyboard for Apple iPad Air 2


iPad Air 2 Leather Case

The iPad Air 2 leather case is perhaps the safest and the most practical accessory that you can buy for your tablet. It covers perfectly the iPad, it leaves you access to all its ports and connections, and most importantly it is designed with both a flip stand and a hand strap to make using its apps easier than ever.


Apple iPad Air 2 Leather Case with Six Position Flip Stand